Western 250

Former Hollis High School standout Madison Rollins is now a freshman at Western Oklahoma State College and is enjoying every minute of it. The basketball player said there are several adjustments you must making when you go from high school to college, but if you can manage your time and juggle your schedule, it’s certainly something you can handle. So far, the biggest surprise has been the amount of things she must do each day. From schoolwork to basketball practice, Rollins is staying busy and working hard towards her ultimate goal.

“The practices and college work are altogether a lot more to handle and is definitely a bigger load. You have to be much more self-disciplined, since you can’t rely on someone else to make you work harder,” said Rollins.

College life certainly offers the student an opportunity to have more freedom as they come and go to class and balance their free time with everything happening on campus. This year, unlike other years, is different thanks to COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has really effected the overall college experience, being that we are required to wear masks on campus and the social distancing rules. It isn’t the perfect college experience, but I could see it being a lot worse than it is and I’m focusing on looking on the bright side of things. I’m glad that as of now we are still able to attend classes and are not having to go virtual,” said Rollins. “There is much more independence going into college, and you have to handle a lot more on your own. I’m surprised at how smoothly the year is going so far though.”

Western Oklahoma State College was the right school for Rollins to start her college journey for many reasons.

“It is closer to home, and financially it works the best for my family. Overall Western State is a great place for any college freshman to start,” said Rollins.

Rollins has found the perfect place to jumpstart her college education.

“I am currently majoring in nursing, but I am thinking about switching to education next semester,” said Rollins.

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