Excel Ardmore 1125

Ryleigh Combs (Madill) - Ryleigh is a positive influence on campus – not only at events she cheers at, but every day. She works hard, is accepting of others and is always looking to help out other students or make new students feel at home.

Donald May (Ardmore) - Donald is a tremendous student athlete for Ardmore High School. He attends Southern Tech and holds one of the top grade point averages in the senior class. He also participates in football, track, and holds down a job after practice.

Griffon Williams (Madill) - Griffon is a standout athlete that has fought back from injury. He has maintained a great attitude and been a leader among his teammates.

Macey Howell (Healdton) - Macey is a great person, student, and athlete. She always does her best and helps others along the way. She is heavily involved in clubs, groups, and sports but always puts her academics at the top of the list.

Emily Burns (Lone Grove) - Involved in cheer and softball while also being very active on campus.

Avery Lowe (Ardmore) - Excellent student athlete who plays softball and soccer. A great leader and community volunteer.

Kyler Williams (Marietta) - Kyler has excelled in Agri-science, football, basketball, and AP classes while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Britney Hartley (Wilson) - Maintaining a 3.9 GPA and showing her animals with the FFA, she still finds time to tutor her fellow students. Even though she’s the smallest kid in her class, she has never stood by and let anyone be bullied.

Aaron Maltzman (Wilson) - He always steps up to help fellow students. Aaron always volunteers to help teachers and staff. Dillard volunteer fire Department. Aaron is always there to help anyone in the community, in his school, and in life.