Excel 1125

By Derrick Smith

Good athletes are happy with where they are, while great athletes continue to work to become better no matter what. While there is a lot of work required to be great at your sport, Emily Nogueria says there are other things that you have to be willing to do.

“Working hard is very important in order to become successful,” she said. “You also have to have a good attitude, be willing to put in the effort, be committed, and spend a lot of time at practice. I have spent many hours in the batting cages as well as on the field doing extra practice.”

Nogueria is a sophomore at Dickson High School. She plays shortstop, centerfield, and catcher for the Lady Comets’ softball team. She is also a part of the track team and, away from school, she plays tournament softball with Southern Storm. She says she started softball at a young age and loved it and that is what started her on this journey.

“I have played ball since I was about four years old,” she said. “But when I turned nine, I started playing tournament softball, which made things more serious. I have had some great influences throughout the years of playing softball. All of my Southern Storm travel team coaches and Dickson coaches throughout the years have helped me become the player I am. But Coach Kevin Day from Southern Storm has made a huge impact. He has spent endless hours over the last seven years developing my skills in softball and my love of the game.”

There have also been a lot of people that have helped Nogueria get to where she is today.

“One of my biggest role models would be Sis Bates,” she said. “She plays softball for the University of Washington and is extremely talented and has great energy on and off the field. I am very grateful to all my teachers, coaches, and family members that have invested time and effort into making me the person and player that I am today.” Along with sports, Emily is also a member of the Academic Team, Student Council, and National Honor Society.