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Plainview High School junior Reece Bennett says a responsible attitude and a love for the sport of wrestling has carried him through 13 years on the mat. 

“You have to be accountable and just having fun does a lot,” Bennett said. “You have to show up to every practice, ready to take in everything you can. And you can’t look at it as a job, you have to enjoy it.”

Driving oneself too hard without any fun involved is a good way to burn out of whatever it is you’re trying to do.

“Too many kids nowadays don’t enjoy their sport, and they treat it like their profession. Have fun and enjoy it while you can do it,” Bennett said. 

It’s a good thing Bennett enjoys what he does, because it’s earned him at least one college scholarship offer.

“It’s something I’ve dreamed of since I was four years old, and we have planned on it since I started taking wrestling serious,” Bennett said. “It really makes me feel good that all that time in the room is paying off.”

Bennett even hopes to make wrestling his career.

“I am wanting to be a wrestling coach after college, and I am wanting to major in either special education or physical education,” the junior said.

Bennett knows what he needs to do to achieve his goals thanks to his dad, who is Bennett’s most influential role model. 

“He has taught me a lot about the sport, and about life,” Bennett said. “He knows what it takes to be successful, and he’s passed that on to me.”

While Bennett learned success from his father, he learned kindness from his first-grade teacher Mrs. Radake – a lesson that has stuck with him 10 years after the fact. 

“The one thing I’ll always remember is to not judge people until you know exactly what they’re going through,” Bennett said.