Caddo Kiowa Tech 1125

By Travis Sloat

Ray Redbird said he plans on going to SWOSU when he graduates to pursue a career in either accounting or architecture. He said the faculty and staff at Caddo Kiowa Tech are helping him get there.

“In addition to the other faculty members who assist me, I have two teachers there who help me out a whole lot,” Redbird said. “Mr. Allen is a great physics and aerospace instructor whose methods are a big help. Mr. Morgan is very knowledgeable in mathematics and is always willing to help however he can in class.”

Redbird, who takes pre-engineering, calculus, physics, and aerospace classes, went on to say the environment at the school is very orderly. “Everyone there is always so nice,” he said. “They are all doing a good job educating us, as well as caring for our safety during the pandemic.”

Redbird isn’t just keeping his talents at Caddo Kiowa Tech. He plays football, participates in track, and plays the flute, saxophone, and the drums for Carnegie High School. He has won a myriad of awards including medals in shot put, discus and track as well as for Top Woodwind for the band.

“I’ve played football ever since I was in the little leagues,” he said. “Track, I’ve played since elementary, and I’ve been in band since the sixth grade.”

In his free time, Redbird likes to paint, construct origami, and enjoys playing instruments like the guitar, flute, saxophone and the piano, and he also likes to cook.