Cement's Gavin Siebold – Track Athlete Spotlight Presented by Harley-Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

There are people in our lives that we look up to. It could be someone we are close to or someone that we watch from a distance. Either way, the people we choose to look up to are people who we want to try to be like or resemble. Gavin Seibold has two people that he sees as role models.

“One person that I look up to is my cousin Talon,” he said. “He has always pushed me to be better than he was. The other is my mom. She did a great job coaching me when I was younger and is always there for me.”

Seibold attends Cement High School, where he will be a senior in the fall. He is a multisport athlete for the Bulldogs. On the basketball court, he plays point guard, while he runs the 400m and high jump for the school’s track team.

The athlete that he has become has required a lot from Gavin, but he knows the work will pay off.

“It has taken years of hard work and dedication,” he said. “I want to be the best athlete I can be and I know that this is what it takes.”

As a student at Cement, Seibold has sat through many classes. But he says that his favorite was one where he learned more than just what was in the textbook.

“I would have to say that my favorite teacher was my English teacher, Mrs. Sanders,” he said. “No only did she teach us English, she also taught us many life lessons that I will carry with me well after high school.”

Gavin has had some memorable moments during his high school career, but he says that there are a few that stand out.

“My favorite moment would have to be going to State in the 400m in my first year of track as a sophomore,” he recalled. “I also scored fifty-one points in a game this basketball season and I have been to State three years for skeet shooting.”

Along with his sports, Siebold is also a member of the Student Council and FFA.