Caddo 1125

By Travis Sloat

Caddo Kiowa Tech Center left its mark on Rylie Repp long before she became a student there.

“I have gone to the Tech Center since I was a little kid in daycare,” Repp said. “We would have days where we would go around the campus and go see the programs. I would always go to cosmetology and get my nails done or my hair fixed. That is what made me want to take cosmetology. Knowing how happy they made me after those little appointments, it made me think about how happy I could make a client with their hair or nails.”

Repp, a junior at Ft. Cobb-Broxton, is the pitcher for the Mustangs’ softball team and plays forward on the basketball team. Despite the fact the softball season ended suddenly at the district level, Repp has high hopes for the basketball team this year.

“I want to have a good season of playing hard and giving all my effort to our new coach,” she said. “I want to be a leader and be there to encourage and help the younger girls.”

Repp said although Caddo Kiowa Tech Center is playing a big part in preparing her for the future, she also has support from others who continue to help out everyday.

“My family always helps me better myself, and they always know what’s best for me, even if it’s a hard choice to make,” she said. “I know that it may be tough in the moment, but it’s going to help me out in the long run.”