Guarantee Abstract 1125 March 21

Her official title for the Tuttle High School baseball team is Concession Coordinator, but that only describes one of the things Amanda Kerr does for the team and the school.

“Concession stand, team meals, scheduling workers for the concession, etc., which is a huge commitment. Suppling the concession with all the necessities for games. Just buying everything I need for the concession is a three-hour trip to Sam's and sometimes more than once a week if there is a tournament. So, committing to the job means lots of nights having dinner at the ballfield. My family has been raised on hot dogs, which we have the best. Pretty much anything and everything the team needs, I am always there to help,” said Kerr.

Her son Gunner Kerr is a junior at Tuttle High School playing baseball and football for the Tigers. Layla Lou and PJ are also part of the Kerr family and participate in their own sports.

“Layla Lou is a freshman and plays softball and basketball. I am also their Concession Coordinator. PJ is my youngest and in second grade. She wrestles for Tuttle Wrestling Club, plays baseball for the Tuttle Titans, and will play basketball over the summer. She is wanting to play football this year, but her Dad and I are still discussing that. I keep books for her baseball team, volunteer to help during wrestling tournaments, and will step up to do anything any of the teams she plays for asks,” said Kerr.

Oldest daughter Maely cheered for Tuttle as well. Kerr said working for the Tuttle school system allows her to stay involved with the baseball team.

“I enjoy the kids mostly. All of the boys on the team are grateful and "thank you" comments are more often than not. I know I only have one year left of enjoying Gunner's high school athletics and I am trying to soak it all in. I look forward to helping and staying involved through my other children in the many activities they are involved in,” said Kerr.

The community of Tuttle has embraced Tigers athletics, but Kerr is quick to point out that the community gets involved when someone is in need.

“The Tuttle community is awesome. When there is a life event, sporting event, or a family in need, the Tuttle community rallies around them. We participate in fundraisers like bake sales, walks/runs, blood drives and the people are so giving. Tuttle is a warming community that just makes you feel like home. If you are lucky enough to live in Tuttle, you live in a great community,” said Kerr.

Kerr graduated from Bixby High School where she was an athletic trainer before attending college at the University of Central Oklahoma. Her husband Luke was a linebacker at UCO. The two rarely have any free time, but when they do it’s usually spent at a field somewhere.

“Not a lot of free time. I've spent spring break at the baseball field for years, so I don't look for that to change. Traveling out of state or in state is about the only break and vacation I get. I do enjoy crafts but don't have a lot of time to do them. I am currently customizing shirts and jackets while I am sitting at baseball games. My kids make fun of me and tell me I look like a little old lad knitting. When we do have a day at home we are usually watching sports on TV, catching up on some of my favorite shows and laundry,” said Kerr.

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