Cache’s Donovan Osbourne – Cameron University Athlete Spotlight


Former Cache High School golf state qualifier and current senior at Cameron University, Donovan Osbourne is entering his third season of collegiate golf for the Aggies. The senior said choosing Cameron University for golf and academics was an easy choice for him. 

“Cameron was the right choice because it was my home. I grew up playing and learning from former Cameron golfers. I appreciated that and from then I knew I wanted to be an Aggie,” said Osbourne. 

Last year as a junior, Osbourne posted a 54-hole score of 233 during the three-rounds of competition at the Ryan Palmer Invitational including firing a 74 in the second 18 holes of play. His hard work on the course has paid off; but being an Aggie and being around his teammates has brought Osbourne just as much fun to his college career.

“I enjoy being with my teammates. I enjoy going out and competing everyday with everyone, it makes me better as a player and helps the team succeed,” said Osbourne. 

There are many things Osbourne loves about Cameron University, but the sense of community really stands out for him. 

“What makes Cameron a great place is the community and the people that are a part of Cameron University,” said Osbourne.

 According to Osbourne, the sports facilities provide a great place to practice that benefits the athletes.

The Business major said the school offers plenty of courses and future student prospects should check out all of the options the school has to offer. He said future college students should do their research and look into each university for what they offer the student. 

“They should check out more about what they want from that college. Cameron offers many programs and classes to help you succeed,” said Osbourne. 

As a student-athlete, the hectic schedule can be challenging for new students. For Osbourne time management is the first thing you should learn as a student-athlete. 

“It’s very busy being a student-athlete. Time management is a big factor in being a student athlete,” said Osbourne. “The biggest adjustment was getting the right preparation. College golf is a big step from high school. Every day is an opportunity to get better and play with a purpose.”