Snyder’s Ryan Kelly - Elgin Area Spotlight Presented by Arvest Bank


By Hannah Ossman

Ryan Kelly, a senior at Snyder High School is an integral part of the men’s basketball team. Having played basketball since he could walk, he has grown up learning as much about the game as he could by taking the extra years learning how to become a stronger player.
Ryan recognizes all of the hard work it takes to become a successful athlete. Time spent at home practicing moves and shots all alone has proven to be just as important as showing up and working hard at team practices. 
“All the hard work, and all the time and effort I’ve put in behind closed doors has made me successful in this sport,” said Ryan. 
Ryan also gives credit to his parents for helping him grow into the person he is today. From driving him to practices, cheering him on at games, and everything in between, their support is greatly appreciated. Ryan knows he could not have gotten to where he is without them. 
The biggest role model Ryan has in basketball is coach Fletcher Reed. Coaches can be so influential in an athlete’s life, and that is definitely the case with Ryan and coach Reed. 
“He taught me how to be a better person on and off the court,” said Ryan. 
Along with basketball, Ryan also plays baseball at Snyder. He plays shortstop as well as pitcher and enjoys the time spent with his team on and off the field. 
As the end of his high school basketball career is approaching, Ryan has spent time looking back on his favorite moments from over the years. His favorite memory so far has been scoring forty-one points, a career high, at regionals last year. Ryan hopes to make even more memories during his last high school season.