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By Travis Sloat

Hannah Endicott, a junior center fielder for the Elgin Owls, said this year’s softball season ended in disappointment, but she and the team both are looking forward to spring.

“It wasn’t our best,” Endicott said. “As individuals we all had fairly good seasons, but we couldn’t work together in the tough times. As a team we plan on working together more and communicating better in the spring. We had some trouble this season picking people up when they were down, and that’s a big thing we need to work on.

“Personally, I’ve been a slapper my whole high school career, and I’m hoping to get in the weight room this offseason to build some muscle,” she continued. “I want to be able to swing away more next season. I’m very excited for this upcoming season, and I know everyone is ready to give everything they have.”

Endicott said the bulk of the credit behind her successes goes to her coaches, her softball family, and her parents. She also experienced an injury last year and said her doctor was influential in getting her healthy enough for sports again.

When the going gets tough, Endicott said, she always tries to keep her head up and support those around her.

“On the field I try to encourage everyone to stay positive,” she said. “I like to think I’m funny, so in the really difficult times I try to take the pressure off by making people smile and reminding everyone to have fun and relax. Off the field you can always find me having fun no matter what I’m doing.”