Geronimo’s Braeden Jones – "Always Ready" Athlete of the Month Presented by U.S. Coast Guard

Geronimo High School senior Braeden Jones says that patience is the key to good athleticism – even if that means spending time on the bench.

“Patience was the biggest thing for me. I was always a bench player and one of the last pitchers in rotation,” Jones said. “It wasn’t until summer 2020, when I joined the Burkburnett Blacksox, that I was given a lot of playing time. Yup, that is right, I sat bench until the summer before my senior year started.”

Jones is a pitcher, first baseman, and outfielder for the Geronimo Bluejays baseball team, and played point guard in basketball. He’s had long careers in both. Jones has played baseball and basketball from three years old, and travel baseball since fifth grade. 

Jones’ dedication to his craft shows in his opinion on what makes a character athlete: giving their best both on and off the field. 

“An athlete of character is an athlete who gives their all in everything from on the baseball field to in the classroom,” Jones said. “Someone who is a role model.”

Jones himself has been a role model for his fellow teammates as he’s approached his senior year and final seasons in both sports. 

“My team is composed of mostly freshmen and sophomores,” Jones said. “It’s a lot of fun to be able to help my teammates when possible and seeing them grow.”

Jones says his own role models have been his grandparents.

“All four worked very hard to get my family into the situation we are in today,” Jones said. “I strive to pass their expectations for me.”

Jones works to meet that expectation both on the diamond and in academics. He has a 4.0 unweighted grade point average and is a valedictorian at Geronimo. 

“I have a goal of attending Stanford University and becoming an anesthesiologist,” Jones said.