Eisenhower’s Mikaela Hall: Fan’s Choice Hometown Hero – Presented by Arvest Bank

By Derrick Smith

Most athletes can look back in their career and remember a pivotal moment. A moment that changed how they looked at their sport. It went from being just a fun game to play with friends to something that they wanted to try hard to get better at and play as they got older. Mikaela Hall had one of those moments when she was in elementary school.

“My first memory of playing sports was when I was in the fifth grade,” she said. “My basketball team at Woodland Hills Elementary School had made it to the championship game. We were playing our biggest rival, Pioneer Park, and although we ended up losing, that game is where I really fell in love with basketball. The intensity of the game, even though we were only in the fifth grade, the environment, just everything about that game made me realize that playing basketball and working with a team was something I really enjoyed doing, wanted to do for a while, and wanted to inspire other little girls to do.”

Hall is now a senior at Eisenhower High School and plays center and power forward for the Lady Eagles basketball team. She also plays centerfield on the softball team and competes on the track team.

There have been a lot of people that have made a positive impact on her life, but as a basketball player, Hall says that she has looked up to a couple of professional basketball players.

“Candace Parker and Kobe Bryant are two players that I have looked up to,” she said. “I like how they compete and always work hard whenever they are on the court.”

The best thing that Mikaela likes about going to school and playing sports in Lawton is that the town is so supportive of all their athletes.

“Despite having three rival schools in our town, everyone seems to find a way to support each other,” she said. “Whether it is helping those that are not as fortunate, especially during the holidays, bringing food and clothing to those who need it, or even working with younger kids and being role models for them. Despite coming from different backgrounds and having our differences, it’s as if we are all a family.”