MacArthur’s Carmen Torres – Volleyball Spotlight Presented by Bank of Commerce

By Derrick Smith

Every one of us has some kind of a goal we set for ourselves. Whether it is related to our work, our family, our personal life, or another area, we set it to help give us something to work towards. Athletes are no different, although the goals they set for themselves may not be reached until after they graduate.

“There are two goals that I have set for myself,” said Carmen Torres. “I haven’t reached my goal of playing college volleyball and I haven’t won a meaningful championship yet. Everything leading up to right now has just been hard work and focus on being the best possible player I can be. The day I help my team win state and the day I commit will be the best moment of my career.”

Torres is a junior at MacArthur High School. She mainly plays outside hitter on the volleyball team, but says she can play most positions on the court. She also throws the shot put and discus for the track and field team.

Becoming the athlete she is today is not something that just happened. Torres says that there has been a lot of work required, but she knows that it will all be worth it.

“For me to get where I am today, it has taken a lot –like going to the gym everyday, even after practice,” she said. “I work on my weaknesses, work through breakdowns, been through ups and downs, and dealt with stress. But it has made me a good player on the court and made me mentally strong.”

Throughout her life, Carmen has had many different people that have influenced her life, both as an athlete and as a person, but she says that there are a couple of people that have made the biggest impact.

“The biggest role models for me are my parents,” she said. “My dad has taught me how to be humble, how to be mentally strong, and believe in myself. My mom helped me to learn to just be me and not care what other people think or say about me and just be confident about myself.”